– Hey there! I'm Noelle Laureano, a full-stack engineer.

After developing major dashboards in the finance industry for several years, the urge to switch contexts and dive further into tech grew too strong to ignore.

In January 2018, I left the security and stability I had always known to focus solely on honing and growing my programming skills.

My passion for developing is unmatched. Every day I wake up pumped to collaborate, design and code. I love every aspect of bringing an idea to fruition and find each step of the way exciting.


JavaScript • ReactJS • Redux • HTML5 • CSS3 • Sass


Ruby on Rails • NodeJS • Express • AWS • MySQL • PostgreSQL • MS SQL Server • Firebase

When I'm not coding, you can find me...

Real Madrid

Watching soccer


At a concert

Traveling to visit friends

Visiting friends



A social media platform that allows users to create, follow and stack maps on one another to curate a perfect collection of places to explore in their own neighborhood or halfway around the world.


A mock e-commerce site that sells a carefully curated selection of gourmet hot sauces from small-match makers around the world. Saucesome also integrates the Mapbox API to show the shoppers where their desired hot sauce is made.

The Listening Room

Passionate about music, Luis Rincon and I developed The Listening Room during a four-day hackathon. By leveraging Firebase's Cloud Storage and Realtime Database, users are able to seamlessly upload mp3 files, and listen and chat about music simultaneously anywhere in the world, without skipping a beat. The minimalistic front-end was built using React and Flexbox.


A bingo-like rubric for Fullstack Academy and Grace Hopper Program students to track their progress and develop their "Grace Shopper" e-commerce sites according to industry norms.


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milestone marker
  • A fresh way to book, plan and experience the modern hotel stay. Download the app!
Aug 2018 - Present
milestone marker
  • Mentored 35 students on development concepts, algorithms, debugging strategies, software architecture and clean code structure
  • Conducted technical interviews for applicants
  • Led interactive reviews for students to solidify material
  • Directed team building exercises to strengthen class cohesion and community
Apr 2018 - Jul 2018
milestone marker
  • Built and maintained an automated, comprehensive daily risk management dashboard for C-Suite executives that utilizes and manipulates data fed from several files, Bloomberg API, and Microsoft SQL database tables
  • Authored monthly cross-asset market and macroeconomic recaps for senior management risk committee meetings
  • Performed data cleansing on large data sets in order to identify and correct erroneous records
Apr 2017 - Jan 2018
milestone marker
  • Developed and automated portfolio analytics for the group’s $55.6 billion loan portfolio in order to determine potential trade ideas based on single-name CDS relative value
  • Built an archive and tracking tool to review trade performance using Bloomberg API and VBA
  • Created a post-trade evaluation template, which pulls in and manipulates data from the archive in order to identify and attribute performance across an array of metrics versus a relevant benchmark
  • Tested portfolio management system patches by drawing up test scenarios, simulating dummy trades and debugging results with third party vendor, Murex, and internal technology personnel
  • Created a tool to track research blog traffic and identify users using VBA and Python knowledge
  • Generated a portfolio profit and loss simulation report to assess potential market scenarios
  • Produced a number of comprehensive manuals outlining procedures and operations
Sep 2015 - Mar 2017
milestone marker
  • Developed and maintain a database of obligors by security in order to analyze differences in market value weighting and duration contribution between each fund and its internal benchmark
  • Maintained a database of new issue pricing scales to determine the maximum returning maturity, and evaluate spreads versus other new issue deals and existing markets in the secondary
  • Filtered sell-side prices, market information and research to identify relative value opportunities and relay information to portfolio managers with $10 billion in assets under management
  • Analyzed performance attribution using Barclays POINT to distinguish deficiencies and strengths in fund asset allocation and security selection on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis
Oct 2013 - Sep 2015
milestone marker
  • Constructed a database using VBA and Barclays POINT to present and maintain weekly year-to-date total return changes within the Barclays Aggregate and High Yield indices using several partitions
  • Collaborated with the technology team to create a heat map that highlights fund versus internal index differences in yield curve, quality, time to next call, price, sector, and state positioning
Jun 2011 - Sep 2013
milestone marker
  • NYU Florence semester abroad
May 2011

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